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Meira en viðbrögð

Árni Svanur @ 20.26 11/3/08

Á Wikipedia segir í dag um hugtakið / fyrirbærið Web 2.0:

Web 2.0 websites allow users to do more than just retrieve information. They can build on the interactive facilities of “Web 1.0” to provide “Network as platform” computing, allowing users to run software-applications entirely through a browser. Users can own the data on a Web 2.0 site and exercise control over that data. These sites may have an “Architecture of participation” that encourages users to add value to the application as they use it. This stands in contrast to very old traditional websites, the sort which limited visitors to viewing and whose content only the site’s owner could modify. Web 2.0 sites often feature a rich, user-friendly interface based on Ajax, Flex or similar rich media. The sites may also have social-networking aspects.

Datt í hug að halda þessu til haga.

url: http://arni.annall.is/2008-03-11/meira-en-vidbrogd/

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